If they try to pull you out
Would you even go?
I thought you were the sweetest kill
Did you even know?

part one / dA

I thought you were the sweetest kill
Did I even know?
And all the time we thought we did
Was it just for show?

part one

deviantart version

One day, little Marike decided that, despite the mourning marks and cuts and bruises, she wasn’t going to be sad anymore.

im getting better at limiting my ten minute warm up doodles to actually ten minutes

guess who’s officially getting their own chapter

omg i ended up adding everyone

thats it thats the third chapter


characters that go from villain to weird family member give me strength

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breaks from drawings with drawings


too many doodles

true yuri is found in each generation

This was the best thing i have ever drawn ever

today is gonna be “do a million ‘warm up doodles’ instead of actual art” day

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