star wars + iconic lines

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Nationalities of refugees that have arrived in Rochester, NY in 2013.

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lucas is giving me anxiety

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One morning, I was awakened by a knock at the door. I rolled out of bed, threw a blanket over my shoulder because it was cold, and made my way to the front of the house. I opened the door and a very nice Mormon lady handed me a pamphlet and launched in to a well-rehearsed spiel about accepting jesus in to my life when she stopped mid sentence and gave me a peculiar look. I used this pause in her speech to politely decline her offer and wish her a pleasant morning. It wasn’t until I looked at what she handed me that I understood why I stopped her in her tracks and then proceeded to laugh for the next half hour by myself.

of course this guy has to come into the lounge after i spread fingerblood on my arm like that potato-stamp project they teach little kids

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Kamila Filipcikova by Ren Rox for Volt #15 Spring-Summer 2014

losingc0ntr0l: glad to be an inspiration :p go art

i had this weird moment. i saw i had a message and i was like, ooo message! then i got this sinking feeling and I was like, what if it’s anon hate. did i do something in the past hour to warrant someone to hate me? people hate me. i hate me. oh god, how am i gonna respond to this anon hate? im gonna cry.

then i saw it was you and i was like oh. my finger’s bleeding

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when the teacher says the class did really bad on a test but you got an A


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Holden Caulfield is a fucking crybaby.


English, International Baccalaureate

The Use of Language to Create Pathos in The Catcher in the Rye

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Kamila Filipcikova by Ren Rox for Volt #15 Spring-Summer 2014


Just melting the wax wrapper from my cheese.. @narciscissor this is your kinda thing

serious question.

Has it always been a thing to eat ramen with a fork?

Like I’ve always seen that and I’ve been told, yo, you eat ramen with a fork.

But I’ve always eaten it with a spoon.

To get the soup.

Am I wrong

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Im happy happy happy

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